What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartment is a type of accommodation that can be booked on a night-by-night basis, features kitchen facilities and at least a once weekly maid service. Rates generally reduce as the length of stay increases.
What is a serviced apartment
The definition above is the minimum specification for a serviced apartment but from this modest set of requirements there are a number of features which create different variants that all fall under the umbrella of serviced apartments. Here’s a guide to the many different types of serviced apartments on offer and the features which make them the ideal temporary accommodation solution.

What different types of serviced apartments are there?

On-site managed and off-site managed serviced apartments

Check in serviced apartment

Serviced apartments are either managed on-site or off-site. An on-site managed serviced apartment will usually feature a reception and property manager. An off-site managed serviced apartment has no staff on-site and keys are usually collected from a safety deposit box. Both types of management have their advantages; off-site management provides more privacy while on-site management ensures staff are available to provide assistance.


apart hotel
An aparthotel takes on-site management a step further by also including facilities that are usually associated with a hotel. As well as a reception and property manager, features can include a gym, bar and concierge services. This type of serviced apartment is best for those looking for the privacy and flexibility of a serviced apartment but with the additional services found in a hotel.

Residential serviced apartment


Some serviced apartments are housed in predominantly residential properties. Often the serviced apartment will be equipped similarly to the other apartments in the property. We recommend this type of serviced apartment for relocation and long term assignees. For relocatees, staying in this type of setup gives them the opportunity to experience what it’s like to live in a certain location before committing to a long term accommodation solution. Long-term assignees also benefit from this apartment type as they’re surrounded by residents as opposed to people who are staying on a short-term basis.

Single property

Housed within a single property, this type of serviced apartment offers the ultimate in privacy for temporary accommodation. In some instances, entire houses are available, although they’re still referred to as a serviced apartment. While this type of accommodation is popular on sharing economy services such as Airbnb, unlike on those websites, properties on the SilverDoor website meet stringent safeguarding standards ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable stay.

What’s included in a serviced apartment?


Having a kitchen or kitchen facilities is one of the greatest advantages of staying in a serviced apartment. It gives you the flexibility of choosing whether to eat out or prepare food for yourself in the comfort of your apartment. A hob and kitchenware like pots, pans, crockery and cutlery come as standard while many apartments have fully-fitted kitchens with a full oven and a comprehensive range of cooking implements.

Living space

Serviced apartment size

The living space is another feature which people used to staying in hotels really value when they stay in a serviced apartment for the first time. On average, serviced apartments have 30% more space than a hotel and this is most apparent when looking at the living area of an apartment. Dining tables allow you eat dinner without being propped up in bed and you can watch television from the comfort of a sofa. Many serviced apartments are large enough to hold meetings or have guests over for dinner without feeling cramped.


Serviced apartments are available in a variety of configurations from studio apartments up to apartments that have five bedrooms. Serviced apartments with multiple bedrooms are of great value to those willing to share accommodation as it helps to reduce costs. Families, for example, benefit as they’re able to stay together in one serviced apartment as opposed to multiple hotel rooms.

Everything else

A serviced apartment can include a washing machine, dishwasher, tumble drier, oven, hob, toaster, kettle, Hi-Fi, iPod dock, just about anything you’d want it to. Over 80% of serviced apartments now include wireless internet at no extra cost and premium television subscriptions such as Sky are increasingly common. There’s no limit to what a serviced apartment can include; there’s one in our portfolio that includes a supercar for you to use during your stay!

How are serviced apartments priced?

Serviced apartments priced

Serviced apartments are paid for in a similar way to a hotel except that the rate per night reduces as the length of stay increases – see the graph above for an example. It’s also worth noting that in the UK, Value Added Tax (VAT) is only levied at 20% for the first 28 days. The VAT rate for subsequent days is applied only to 20% of the rate (in effect a rate of 4% is charged on the whole rate after the first 28 days).

Source Silverdoor.co.uk

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